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Welcome to Inclusion Project

In 2016, I started Inclusion Project because I wanted to talk about inclusion with others and how its not a place but rather — a mindset. I truly believe that, as a mom to three boys, one of has autism, -- we can be more inclusive and kind and respectful and promoting of each other. We can believe in each others success, even though it does look different and because of my strong passion in that belief 

Because of my strong passion in that belief, I picked up a pen and wrote a book. It was published in October 2018 and titled Inclusion Alphabet. I also designed shirts. I created several coloring pages and I am now currently writing a second and third book book full of worksheets and ideas to spread more inclusion. Be sure to join my community on Instagram and Facebook. You will find me there a lot. For any collaboration opportunities or features, check out my media kit

What I want more than anything right now is to get my book, Inclusion Alphabet, into schools and libraries and I need your help. 

I want to be able to know that a copy is available to the hands of hard working teachers, eager and sometimes lonely students, to kind and trustworthy therapists, to advocating parents, and of course to all educators far and wide. 

I want my book in schools. 

Below I have a discount scale for bulk orders to schools, homes, communities. Anywhere. These orders do have to go through me but it does include FREE SHIPPING and still will be processed through Amazon as quickly as possible. Some bulk orders take a few extra days so be aware of that. If you wish to order the hardcover book, you can get a wholesale discount through Ingram Content Group if you are a member. I know many schools and libraries are. Email me if you are interested in ordering or donating to your school. 

Bulk Pricing
Order Quantity
Soft Cover
Hard Cover

While we are in a trying time with our education system, we should not lose hope. We are fighting so hard and yet failing so many at time but there are willing and wonderful people wanting to make changes. We have over-worked but desperate teachers that want to make a difference. We are noticing more and more individualized needs for students. This is a time to start a conversation about inclusion, far more than math or reading — this is where the hope lies. We need to teach about words like respect, empathy, bravery, capability, and forgiveness. 

With a cooperative and understanding foundation, I believe our students will not crumble from the pressure but instead be supported by so many around them. I believe we will see a decrease in bullying, loneliness, suicide attempts, and an overall increase in all areas of academic and personal success.

Keep hope alive. Spread inclusion today.

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